Lighting Options


Product Features

  • 10 dramatic lighting effects available in 9-LED
  • Fits standard light niches
  • Easily installs in 12v AC, wedge-based sockets
  • LEDs last over 100,000 hours
  • 5-year warranty

Designer Color Modes
Experience all ten designer color modes by turning the bathtub light off and on to change
         lighting effects:

  • Slow Dance - vibrant slow fade through all colors
  • Magenta - rejuvenating glow of pink, blue & red
  • Blue - clear & brilliant blue
  • Red - radiant and invigorating red
  • White - pure, bright white
  • Sunburst - yellow and orange swirl
  • Green - nature's lush green
  • Tidal Fade - fade through blues and greens
  • Afterburner Fade - fade through red, orange, pink, yellow & purple
  • Color Burst - energetic strobe through all colors

Simply Brilliant
Whether designing a mood enhancing effect, creating a romantic environment or showcasing a special bathroom effect, Hydro Systems’ fiber optic lighting environment will capture everyone’s attention. This digitally controlled, multi-colored lighting feature gives you a bathing experience that is only limited by your imagination.

Dramatic 10-Color Lighting
To add drama and ambiance to your bath, our lighting system includes ten beautiful colors, digitally controlled by the Hydro Systems “Soft Touch” control panel. Choose the color just right for your mood and desires with a simple the touch of a button.

Optional Mini-Spots
Subtle points of colored light are offered with multiple Mini-Spots. The perfect setting and romantic look of fiber optics.