Question:   Where can the tankless heater be installed?
Answer:   Indoor gas heaters can be installed anywhere with access to adequate combustion air and where the heater exhaust can be vented to the outdoors. There are Direct Vent models available for installations where there is not adequate combustion air available.
In a replacement situation, a tankless heater can usually go where the tank heater currently is located, although you may want to relocate the new unit to create more room or to achieve better venting options.
Outdoor gas models can be installed anywhere outside of your home or building where there is proper clearance as noted in the Installation Guidelines in the description of each model we offer.

Electric tankless heaters can also be installed in the same location that the tank heater currently is located. A minimum of 1 foot clearance must exist from the top of the unit to the ceiling, and from bottom of unit to the floor.
As with all electric appliances, electric tankless water heaters are designed to operate indoors, and must be protected from rain and weather elements.